Healthy Heart Salad with AlgaBerry

Algae have been part of the human diet for thousands of years, based on archaeological evidence from (Dillehay et al. 2008) and early written accounts (e.g., in China, 300).   Nutritionists have named aquatic greens (like algae) as one of the hottest new superfoods.  AlgaBerry is a new type of aquatic fruit grown from freshwater. It is a […]

GBM Salads are on the move!!

Customers receiving GBM’s Heart Health Salads! View images of our initial customers receiving their salads from the previous harvest!

First Harvest – Warrenton, NC

First Harvest GBM hosted a Taste and See event at the Warrenton, NC location. Experiencing fresh produced picked the very same day!

A Partnership In Water

GBM’s first Neighborly farmer on Aquifer. Water is the Medicine Live Alkaline Water is making history as the first Black-owned water brand to line Walmart shelves. The 100 percent natural alkaline water brand is sourced from Robert McRae’s family-owned property in North Carolina. Lying 800 feet below the ground, it consists of a natural underground […]

Water is Medicine

We discovered 4 basic scientific facts about plants and the human body. Watch this short video about water in plants.

First Medically Designed Salad

The Green Blue Marketplace creates the first medically designed salad. The first salad is all about heart health. Watch the video to learn more.

The Taste and Tour Experience

We held public and private “Taste and Tour” events at our Green Blue Food Oasis, located in downtown Raleigh, NC. In partnership with Passage Homes.

Future Home of GBM

Future Home of GBM – Warrenton, NC Warrenton, N.C. — Robert Steverson—local entrepreneur, developer, and co-owner of Mag’s Marketplace at 307 East Macon Street Warrenton, NC 27589 has formed a partnership with Corei Somerville, a local entrepreneur, to franchise, develop and operate the Green Blue Marketplace’s HUB.  The HUB will provide over 10,000 people with […]

Community Garden Groundbreaking in SE Raleigh, NC

GBM Community Garden Groundbreaking in SE Raleigh, NC! THE GREEN BLUE MARKETPLACE, LLC, AN EMERGING AG AND HEALTH TECH COMPANY ANNOUNCES THE FIRST INDOOR VERTICAL HYDROPONIC COMMUNITY GARDEN IN PARTNERSHIP WITH PASSAGE HOME Raleigh, N.C. — Isaac B. Horton IV—local restaurateur, owner of Oak City Fish and Chips and the 2022 NC State Fair Best […]