Future Home of GBM – Warrenton, NC

Warrenton, N.C. — Robert Steverson—local entrepreneur, developer, and co-owner of Mag’s Marketplace at 307 East Macon Street Warrenton, NC 27589 has formed a partnership with Corei Somerville, a local entrepreneur, to franchise, develop and operate the Green Blue Marketplace’s HUB.  The HUB will provide over 10,000 people with fresh food, pure water, nutraceuticals and other services and programs to increase healthy longevity by up to 20 years.  While the food will be of the highest quality, the price will be among the lowest in the region. 

THE GREEN BLUE MARKETPLACE (GBM) is also developing a Food Prescription RX program that allows healthcare providers like Medicaid/ Medicare or Blue Cross Blue Shield to pay most if not all the cost of food prescriptions.

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