Life expectancy in America is 78.6 years.  Healthy life expectancy is 68.5 years.  The last 10 years of life are spent dealing with sickness, pain, crushing medical bills and humiliation.  So many Americans are dealing with obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In fact, the CDC reports that 60% of all Americans are sick.  And if you are 65 years old its 85%.  America is in a Nutrient Famine, and it has made America Sick.

For every problem, there is a solution! The Green Blue Marketplace is leading a Freshness Revolution by providing True Food Security to communities everywhere!

The current definition in the U.S. for Food Security is “access to food.” “True Food SecurityTM as defined by The Green Blue Market Place has three components rather than one.

  1. Access to food is feasible (the only requirement for normal food security).
  2. Access to food is convenient.
  3. The supply of food is stable and predictable.
  4. The cost of food is stable and predictable.
  1. The irrigation water is toxic free. “Toxic Free Security”
  2. The food has not been exposed to toxic substances during the growing cycle.
  3. The food has not been exposed to toxic substances during the distribution process.
  4. The food has not been exposed to toxic substances during packaging or presentation process.

The lack of this process results in the Nutrient Famine.

  1. The food originated from nutrient rich Heirloom seeds not GMOs.
  2. The growing environment of the food contained nutrient producing microorganisms.
  3. Food is picked ripe. “Nutrient Peak, Pick no produce before its time.” 
  4. The food is Fresh, delivered within 48 hours of the “Pick Date” not the expiration date.
  5. Delivered in 48 hours or less with no preservatives. “Freshness Revolution”

When you know the PICK DATE of your food, you know that your food is safe, secure and full of nutrients for you and your family!